Project Description

Australian Native Mix

Amgrow Australian Native Mix has been scientifically formulated to provide ideal growing conditions for native plants. It can be used as a potting or planting mix. Contains a specific native base fertiliser low in phosphorous making it safe for Australian native and Proteacae plants. Australian Standard Premium Red Tick.

Analysis or Active 

Contains composted organics, coir fibre, Active mineral Nutrismart fertiliser, Wettasoil wetting agent, zeolite and gypsum.

Regular Potting Mix

Amgrow Regular Potting Mix has been specially formulated to suit a wide range of plants grown in pots and planter boxes. Australian Standard Black Tick.

Analysis or Active

Contains fully composted organic materials horticultural sand and fertilisers.


35L bag is enough to fill two 30cm pots. Always follow directions and precautions on the bag.