Project Description

Mortar Mix is a pre-blended trade quality mortar mix specifically designed for both the professional bricklayer and home DIY.

Typical Mortar Mix Applications
All brick and block work such as:
• Brick BBQ’s.
• Brick letterboxes.
• A/C unit installations.
• Masonry blockwork.
• Also garden edging, roof tile bedding and pointing.
• Rendering over brickwork.
An appropriate mixing vessel such as a wheel barrow or plastic bucket depending on the job undertaken, along with a pointing trowel, safety gear and a source of potable water are required.

Mixing with Mortar Mix
Using either a wheel barrow with a shovel, or a bucket, add about 75% of the water and then slowly add the contents of the bag. Add remaining water gradually
to achieve a workable mix or until the mix just slips off the trowel when lightly flicked.

Use Mortar Mix at once do not allow to stand.

Features & Benefits

  • Used by both the professional and the home handy person.
  • Ready to use. Just add water.
  • Ideal for small brickwork jobs around the home.
  • A convenient alternative for the professional bricklayer, trade quality premixed mortar.
  • Avoid waste associated with bulk raw materials for small domestic or commercial projects.
  • Avoid waste associated with projects where access is difficult.
  • Excellent workability for a premixed mortar in comparison to other similar products.
  • An excellent rendering material over bricks and blocks.