Project Description

Australian Builders coloured oxides are a premium quality coloured iron oxide specifically developed to ensure their compatibility for use in cement, mortar, concrete and plaster mixes.

SouthPoint Garden Supplies stocks a range of coloured oxides in 1.5kg and 2.5kg containers. Specific colours and quantities can be ordered in, call us on 52 616 630 to arrange.

Applications for Coloured Oxide:          

  • coloured brick and block mortar
  • coloured concrete
  • plaster rendering mixes
  • coloured grouting mixes
  • coloured paving
  • coloured cement washes

Coloured Oxide Features:

  • premium quality iron oxide
  • maximum colour saturation
  • no added fillers, extenders or binders
  • professional finish
  • high performance product
  • easy application
  • never cakes or deteriorates
  • strong and durable
  • weather resistant
  • water clean up

Don’t forget when working with Coloured Oxide:

  • excess water will decrease strength and workability of the coloured oxide
  • always follow safety, usage and handling directions when working with coloured oxide
  • avoid breathing in oxide material
  • clean tools immediately after working with coloured oxide