Now is a great time to replenish your garden soil. A rich dose of nutrients will get the land ready for next year – and turning the soil over with a shovel will loosen and aerate it for fresh new roots.

At SouthPoint Garden Supplies in Torquay, there are a few options to enrich your soil. We can deliver bulk quantities of Mushroom Mulch– which is a manure-rich source of nutrients, made up of the tailings from mushroom farms. The mushroom compost is still decomposing, so it is “hot”- meaning it has an acidic PH – veggies love a bit of acidity. For other plants, it needs time to mix in with the soil before it is suitable for planting. Some farmers swear by it for veggie gardens.

Another option is our Aged Organic Compost. Many of our customers can’t get enough of this stuff, which is made locally by Geelong Compost, at farms across the Surf Coast, Inverleigh, Winchelsea and the Bellarine Peninsula. It is initially made up of green organic waste, and other high-nutrient materials such as fruit pulp, breadcrumbs and sugar mud, which are mixed and made into rows in paddocks on the local farms. The compost rows are turned and aerated often, to break up any clumps and promote aerobic microorganisms. The compost is carefully PH tested, and monitored for moisture, temperature and nutrient levels. It is then screened and tested to Australian standards – and delivered to SouthPoint Garden Supplies in Torquay. We are proud to be the exclusive suppliers of Geelong Compost, and we encourage you to check out their informative website.

There are also several bagged products we stock for smaller gardens, including Organic Xtra, which is a premium slow-release organic fertiliser, and bags of Cow Manure. Just make sure they don’t break in your car!  Gypsum can be used to break up clay, or Lime can be used to balance out acidic soil to make it right for planting.

With vegetables, a little planning goes a long way! If you get started now, your veggie garden will be ready for harvesting in no time!! Reward your family with home grown veggies.