SouthPoint understands Commercial Construction…

SouthPoint specialise in the supply and delivery of bulk products for the maintenance and construction of gas and water assets, new and existing subdivisions, residential and commercial construction projects.

Why Choose SouthPoint?

  • Fast delivery and competitive pricing
  • Strong industry networks and connections
  • Expert product knowledge
  • Tenders and quotes for all government, private, commercial and residential projects.
  • Excellent customer service and account management; from inquiry to accounts
  • Service you can count on

Our capabilities to provide timely and excellent service; reach far beyond our coastside location. We have a strong network of quarry connections across Victoria that allow us to provide fast delivery turnarounds and competitive pricing to commerical projects across the state. With excellence in product and customer service always top of mind, we help hundreds of commerical and residential account customers  meet deadlines, deliver on budget and build strong working relationships for the future.

SouthPoint are able to supply VicRoads-Approved Materials and WASA Approved Materials as requested. All quarry products have technical specifications and data upon request.

SouthPoint understands the pressures of commercial construction and will get your product delivered on time, in top quality.

SouthPoint has built a reputation for delivering high quality quarry products efficiently and cost effectively to commercial projects across the state for almost ten years. Our success and rapid growth is a direct result of our commitment to our customers and staff.

We take pride in creating a culture that strives for excellence in all that we do; from quarry to accounts.

SouthPoint combine our ability to source product and machinery with strong industry networks to provide a holistic approach to business which helps our customers deliver projects with ease.

Custom Mixes: 

We can also develop custom mixes of sand, soil or rock tailored to your specific project requirements. SouthPoint can source specialty sands for dressage/horse arenas, filter sands, top dressing soil conditioners for sports ovals and courses, and specialty bio-retention soils – or engineer a custom soil to your own specifications.


For quality product, fast delivery and personalised account management, SouthPoint deliver tenders and quotes for all your government, commercial and residential projects.

Contact Ash Cook, Managing Director, or one of our experienced staff on (03) 5261 6630 to discuss your project further.

Visit our website for further information or drop in to the yard at 15 Boneyards Ave, Torquay.

Contact Us for a Quote

Our experienced staff are available on (03) 5261 6630 or drop in to the yard at 15 Boneyards Ave, Torquay.